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Finder combines the analog with the digital world. It doesn't matter which important items you not find, the Nervenaufreibende and boring finding is now a thing of the past. Whether

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Finder combines the analog with the digital world. It doesn’t matter which important items you not find, the Nervenaufreibende and boring finding is now a thing of the past. Whether it’s keys, wallet, remote control, mobile phones, tablets,, glasses, car – Finder can be using the included adhesive pad and mounting strap anywhere within a few seconds to install. The uses are as good as knows no bounds.
Great value finder is significantly more than an oil painting Classic Key Finder. Because you only need to add a device – the remote control, which even you’ve just made lost, is no longer needed, you can use the for Android and iOS app available instead.
Comfortable and well thought out check via an app, whether your valuables in the neighborhood are locked up safe and sound. As easy as it is brilliant. If your mobile phone to lose connection to finder, you will be instantly notified (various setting options available). Since the app finder GPS information combined, you can get the last stored position your valuables on the map.
Selfie function finder can also be used as a remote shutter release for your mobile phone. So you finally can also be found on our own images are locked up safe and sound.
Compatible Devices
Apple IOS devices from iPhone 4S up, iPad Mini 2 or iPad 3 upwards.
Android devices: All brands with the Android operating system version 4.3 up system.
Box Contents
1x finder in choice of colour
1x Flap/straps to attach to the
1x Adhesive Pad to stick to your wall to safeguard your valuable
1x Instruction Manual (cannot guarantee instructions are in German
1 x Battery, Type CR2032
1 x Free iTrack app/German application (download from iTunes/Google Play app store)
We want that you are happy with Finder. It comes with a 60 day no quibble returns policy.
Keys, purses, remote control, Tablet, wheel, cars, bag, smartphone, suitcase etc quick find? Take you finder to all valuables, the you’ve just gehen. finder can be attached or such as applied to key fob. It can be, light or per app beeps will let you locate in seconds. Even your smartphone you’ll be sure to finder find by simply on press the button.
Save you time and hassle protect: your order will, Nervenaufreibende looking for lost items for hours. As your time is precious, investment in finder’s worth it at the first are looking for.
Free App for Android and iOS/iPhone: with the easy an, Deutschsprachigen app you have all your important valuables; always in view – and are notified, if you know too far Wall Surface. The result: Stressfreiere organise your everyday life. And a free head for the important things in life.
Operating range: with a range of up to 50 metres – also – you find your lost items quickly. through walls, cars etc. Thanks to the last interlink GPS with the app, you can choose the stored position of the items on a card (location services must be in the range also come in the app, be activated).
Durable: The finder battery depending on intensity of usage up to 8 months. The included clip gives you easy replace the battery.


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